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Can't find an item?
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Different Types and Names Given To Sweeping Brooms and Brushes

There are many different types of brushes and all are made with different materials making them right for the job. Below are a few terms and explanations of the materials that are used throughout the website and also in the making of brushes. If you require any more information, feel free to get in touch . We would love to hear from you.
A Few Examples of Types of Brush:
Hand Brush
A small brush that can be used with dustpans or on its own. As the name suggests it is held in the hand and the area swept, usually around 9 to 10 inch in length. They come in a wide range of styles and bristle type, other terms for this brush include banister brush. An example of a hand brush would be our product code 100282. 
Platform or Warehouse Broom
A large brush normally used in warehouses or where a large area needs sweeping. They are available in soft and stiff and there are different variants within this. A example of sizing is 18" (45cm), 24" (60cm), 36" (90cm). We sell a wide range of platform brushes including high quality British made platform brooms.
Yard or Stable Brush
Typically used by farmers and people with large yards that need clearing. A yard broom is typically between 10"-13" and has a good depth of bristles. Some have saddle stocks which can then be fixed to the shaft via a metal clamp. Yard brushes tend to be stiff and of a good durable quality but some soft brushes are available.
Broom Handles and Shafts:
Standard 15/16"
A standard 15/16" wooden shaft is the most widley used shaft with standard home brooms and brushes. Normally are 4ft 6" in Length and 15/16" (23/24mm) in diameter. Often made with pine altough cheaper alternatives are available
Wooden Threaded
Same as the standard 15/16" wooden shaft but comes with a threaded end. This then simply screws into the broom head and locks into position.
Metal Threaded
A metal alternative to the wooden threaded shaft. 4ft 6" in length, simply screws into the corrasponding broom head.
1 1/8" Shaft
A thicker shaft that is used with more heavy duty brushes. Offers more weight and pressure to be applied directly to the brush head. Can be clamped into position using clamps and brackets or can be filed down and screwed into position like the standard shafts. 4ft 6" in Length
1 1/8" 5ft Shaft
A longer shaft that tends to be used with platform brooms. Same as the standard 1 1/8" Shaft but 5ft instead of 4ft 6"
Materials Used For Bristles:
Bahia Bass - Stiff
An extremely hard-wearing palm leaf fibre from Brazil. Bahia offers excellent sweeping quality and can be used in wet conditions. A premium material.
Bassine - Medium Stiff
A hard-wearing palm leaf fibre from India. Bassine is best suited to dry conditions and is popular in warehouse / patio brooms and scrubbing brushes. Available natural or dyed black.
Coco Fibre - Medium Soft
An extremely popular natural fibre from the husk of the coconut. Coco fibre can be used in wet or dry conditions. Care should be taken to prevent crushing to the fibre during use and storage. Available natural or dyed black.
Flagged Coco Fibre - Soft
The ends of the coco are split to give a softer brush and to improve performance - particularly useful in dusty environments.
Good wear and sweeping properties. Maximum working temperature 65°C
A light-weight fibre with good sweeping properties. May be used in hot water but exposure to boiling water should be limited. Care should be taken to prevent crushing during use and storage.
Excellent wear and sweeping properties. Will soften slightly when used in wet conditions.

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